Speaking of Quality

Whether you buy your wire harness from us or someone else, these are important steps in the quality process any manufacturer should follow:

100% electrical testing – If it has more than one wire or position in a connector, it should at a minimum, be tested to make sure it is wired correctly. At ACi we 100% test our assemblies for opens, shorts and continuity. Hipot testing is also available when the design allows for it.

Is the correct factory specified applicator tooling being used? Don’t skimp on the crimp….is your supplier taking the necessary steps to ensure wire crimp to terminal integrity? Are they using the correct terminal for the wire gauge being used? Are they using the correct factory specified applicator tooling being used? How about terminal crimp height measurement? Is the required pull test accurate? A UL Approved harness shop would ensure this is done.

If you or they cannot answer these questions the right way, then you may want to find a supplier that can.

The ACi Difference:

At ACi we pride ourselves in our “no fail” crimp guarantee.

We will:

  • Use the correct factory recommended application tooling
  • Measure the crimp height for EVERY terminal set-up we produce
  • Verify the quality of our crimps to UL486 pull test standards

We will not:

  • Use the wrong terminal and wire combination