Wire Harnesses


Board to Board Wire Harness

Most of the time the wire harness is an afterthought, left for that item on the project “to do” list. At ACi we understand that and have come to expect it. Our goal is to get your harness from concept to production in the shortest time possible. We have proven this time and again by taking a new design from a concept to building a first article ready part in less than a week! While the process to build a wire harness is common to many manufacturers, ACi uses the latest equipment, design skills and Lean Manufacturing practices to set our products apart from mass producers. This applies to all styles of harness including mixing technologies, form factors, wire and cables, Can Bus data cables, Battery cables and lots of signal and power wires.

Computer connectors

Computer connectors

Need a harness for a riding tractor? We can build it. Need a harness for a generator? No problem. Maybe you need a harness for your industrial oven or walk behind floor sweeper. We’re on it. Some of the toughest materials in the industry, including all types of Teflon, Tefzel  and fiberglass impregnated silicone wire are processed at Advantage Components. Of course, we process the easy stuff too! Material such as standard UL and automotive grade wire jackets are pretty typical inputs for us.

Options include: Inkjet and thermal transfer wire marking and convolute tube loom and machine applied braiding.

And, all are 100% electrically tested, of course.

basic wire harness

Basic wire harness