Molded Cables and Components

Why Overmolding?

  • Over molding provides rugged protection against the elements.
  • We overmold cables and electrical assemblies to provide strain relief and full protection from harsh environments. If your assemblies are exposed to difficult environments, or subject to excess stress  then overmolding is a surefire solution to eliminating issues in the field
  • Overmolding solves many engineering and product application issues traditional connector offerings can’t.  Problems such as gender changing, directional requirements and demanding rugged environmental conditions are averted by overmolding.

And, ACi specializes in overmolding components and connectors that are not traditionally molded. Through various processes including low pressure injection molding and other blocking methods, we eliminate obstacles to build the perfect connector for your application.

Using the latest technology in material and equipment, we will propose the perfect solution to your design challenge. Have you had a connection problem “for years”? Let us take a look at it and see if we can engineer a solution.

We have both domestic and international sources for some of the most affordable and short lead-time tooling in the industry.