Box Build Assembly Services and Value Added Services

Electric Switchboard

Electric Switchboard

Value added services

ACi provides value added services such as adding electrical connections including custom molded electrical connectors to DC Fans, Power Supplies, Solenoid, DIN Connectors, and Sensor Assemblies and supplying them as finished assemblies or integrating them into your wire harness, box build or cable assembly.

We also provide component kitting and can direct ship to meet your KanBan requirements.

We are a UL 508 recognized panel build shop typically building production quantity assemblies. We are quite capable of providing you an “off the shelf” solution. Let us build, test and program your assembly. We will certify and package it so it can be sold off your shelf without adding any additional labor or cost on your end

Do you have requirements for other “Box Build” assemblies?

Bringing added value as a supplier to our customers includes being capable of supporting your box build assembily needs. We have experience in simple to complex assemblies in many different industires including: factory automation, electronic power supplies, electronic controllers for devices.

Have a box build assembly need and don’t know where to start? We can help with design assistance and material procurement. Thanks to our wide range of experience and capabilities with many different stock electrical interconnect systems, custom molded electrical connectors, wire harness and RF cable assemblies, we are able to combine multiple technologies into one complete package.