We pride ourselves in our state of the art manufacturing facility. With most of our

Mega Strip 9650

Mega Strip 9650

equipment 5 years old or newer, we continually re-invest in our capabilities to:

  • Increase process capability
  • Decrease manufacturing lead times
  • Compete in a global market place
  • Reduce non-value added activities

Some of our equipment includes:

        • Artos leadmakers capable of 10awg to 24awg wire, double ended lead wires including application of wires seals and RoHS compliant solder (tin dip)
        • Komax 255 leadmaker, designed for low volume/high mix product runs, capable of processing wire down to 32awg
        • Schleuniger 9650 cable processor, this is “The Beast” capable of processing multi conductor cable and 3/0 wire up to 1.25” diameter!
        • Komax 322 cable processor, capable of processing up to four inner conductors on a multi-conductor cable as well as inkjet printing and coiling automatically single conductor wires and
        • 40 ton Yuh-Dak Electric/Hydraulic servo driven Plastic Injection Molding Machines designed for insert molding a wide array of thermoplastic compounds including PVC, Polyurethane, Polypropylene and Glass Filled Nylons
        • An extensive assortment of Cirris cable testing systems
        • Schleuniger and Komax table-top rotary strippers

We process all manufactures terminals and have an extensive selection of factory applicators, and here is just a sample list:

        • JST, SH, ZH, PH, XH, VH, GH, JWPF, ZPD, PA, PAL, PHD, XA, ACH
        • Molex, SL, KK, Clik-Mate, Mini-Fit, MX150
        • Panduit, DNF, PV, PNF, DNFR, all insulated Vinyl and Nylon insulated terminals
        • TYCO, Multimate, Mini Mate-n-lock, Superseal 1.5
        • Delphi, Metri-Pack, Weather-Pack
        • Yazaki
        • Sumitomo

...and more!